Friday, March 26, 2010

Improbable Chances Brought Me to You

No, I'm not mad because you found the means to walk out of my life and leave everything to die with the echoes of these broken promises but I’m mad for the simple fact that I haven’t.

The pain is as clear as the morning dew that struggles to not fall off the brim of this leaf or the tears that were once conceived on the bends of these fogged vision eyes. And it was always difficult for me to put my feelings into words but it was even more difficult to believe that even a slight trace of my message can get through your already stolen heart.

It’s impracticable that I can turn the other cheek and look away as if you were just another vague acquaintance, not when my open arms had held you through those daunting nights as we both cried from the misery that this life had brought us to.

But we did it together and that was all that mattered.

Now, all that matters or all we have left are these memories. Some for good and some for bad but I’m willing to take them with me tomorrow.

All that remains to my disheartening thoughts is a simple question: Will you be there?

1 comment:

  1. It hurts to say goodbye to everything beautiful; to leave everything that ever mattered, only to have the bittersweet memories haunt you at night...

    You write beautiful prose. You've got a way with words that makes me think of run-on sentences ( forgive the grammar-dork in me ) that turn into a sort of melody with a humbling and achingly beautiful message.

    So, here's to great writing, and to you. Cheers!
    - michael